1. Hello Bryan, I am anxious to see what your next job will be! These videos are adorable and irresistible!!!

  2. Jvl LosAngeles

    Next time you pour, smile and give your patron direct eye contact = higher TIP or for any matter a smile back! #FiledUnderContagious

  3. I love bryan boy! One of the reason I adore him, is his TRUE love of fashion. There are a loads of fashion bloggers on the net and sometimes I feel like they’re just blogging to get free clothes. I really feel like bryan boy is very authentic in his passion for fashion, its refreshing. http://thefashioncamp.com/

  4. Love all the videos… U looked fab in a suit — i agree.. Hehe.. Keep the videos coming!! They are so funny and really interesting.. :)

  5. You look great in that suit and your bartending as well! I agree with the other comments here, you look so refreshing in that D&G suit! Wear that more often!

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