A Little Ray Of Sunshine Downtown

Written By bryanboy

My buddy Isaac visited me in my new apartment yesterday afternoon. After ordering Indian food and him spilling icky sauce on my floor, I told him that we should burn some calories by hauling our carcasses over to Battery Park. I’ve never been on that part of city ever. There are (still) so many places in Manhattan that I haven’t visited either. I can’t wait to explore every part of NYC while I’m here. Afterall, it won’t be long until I join the rodeo and start traveling again…

Bryanboy wearing a pastel sweater by The Jante Law

Sunglasses by Yves Saint Laurent, sweater by The Jante Law, belt and trousers by J Crew, shoes by Prada, watch by Michael Kors

Click click click!

A preppy looking Bryanboy at Battery Park
Pastel sweater and J Crew khaki trousers
J Crew khaki pants and Prada shoes
Miss Liberty boat from Batter Park
View of Statue of Liberty from Battery Park
Dark clouds over lower Manhattan


  1. I love that your style of dress has become more polished yet still true to your fabulous quirky self. Wasn’t it just yesterday you were wearing WAAAAYY TOO feminine blouses and too tight jeans?!

  2. It’s a very nice and stylish outfit. Everything goes together so well. Love your sweater and those shoes are amazing.

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