Fashion Fatigue

Written By bryanboy

Anyone else going through fashion fatigue? June is the time of the year when merchandise are being marked down. Rumi and I have been hitting the stores as of late because of the sales. I must say I’m sick and tired of whatever is out there. The markdowns are not that great. Spring/summer 2012 clothes and accessories feel old — it doesn’t help that our consciousness was bombarded with images of people wearing them since last year.

Bryanboy wearing a Prada studded shirt from Spring/Summer 2012 collection

Sunglasses by Yves Saint Laurent, shirt by Prada, bracelet by Hermes

I feel like I need a wardrobe cleanse. Even though I bought a couple of new pieces on sale, they still feel stale in my closet. It’s time for new merchandise. I can’t wait for Pre-Fall and Fall to hit the stores.


  1. saturation … non-stop image blitzing from the runway, over-exposed, over-available, over ..

    this is not the passion of fashion, not this endless stream with ever more possibilities of commerce attached to it

    the dark side of democracy in fashion .. when more is less.

  2. I agree. The current styles are definitely getting tired at this point and I’m ready for a new season with all new styles to start!

  3. clothes that do not want me send it to the next delivery address
    calle el campo 5
    jerez de los caballeros
    06380 España
    I need something decent in my closet
    I would be eternally grateful

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