Beached Whale

Written By bryanboy

I’m not gonna lie. After six days on ANTM Island, I’ve finally managed to overcome my phobia of the being seen on the beach. No, I’m not scared of the water. I’m just not comfortable being half naked looking out of shape in front of people. Why do you think I dress like a Christmas tree and cover myself in a shitload of clothes and accessories? Duh. Anyway, I’ve had enough being anti-social by pretending I’m working on my laptop when in reality I really wanna join everyone on the sea. So screw it. I took my clothes off and wore my Marc by Marc Jacobs swimming trunks. Game on, bitches! It’s been years since I last enjoyed doing normal people things on the shore like you know, playing with sand, dog-paddling or just lying down on the beach to soak some sun. I love it. Love love love love love! I’m gonna take more beach holidays from now on.

Bryanboy on a raft in the Carribean
Bryanboy wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs swimming trunks on the beach

Sunglasses by Michael Kors, swimming shorts by Marc by Marc Jacobs, hat from a random store in Venice Beach


  1. Yeah I have the same problem of body-conciousness ;) This inspires me to get out of my comfort zone and not care what other people think. So thank you for sharing this!

  2. Vitamin D, baby, you gotta get it! It’s not a luxury to be out in the sun-it’s a health imperative!!! keep rockin’, we love you! Silvia

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