1. Judi Anderson

    Bryan Boy, you know I’m in love with your work, therefore WORK IT, next time GET UP and shine, I want to see that Givency top! Kill it Boy!

  2. Bryan keep the good work.. it’s amazing how it started and 7 years.. common it’s a lot of time :D you’re great in what you are doing. You channel is so fresh and you are gorgeous~!

  3. G’day mate all over the gaff, ggggreat companion to frosties in the morning!!

  4. ive been reading your blog for 4 years now. i found it by chance. i would really like to see you with better teeth though. i know, heartless. :D

  5. I’m in love with your outfit, but I don’t think it’s a high-low mix. Your shirt from H&M is barely noticeable under your (gorgeous) Givenchy top. While I understand appealing to readers by wearing more accessible clothing, I think that’s more than wearing all designers with an affordable piece hidden underneath.
    Just some thoughts :).

  6. you nailed it! There is no need hours to get the perfect look ;) Love your blog! People like you inspire me everyday! I will definitely dedicate a post to you in my blog (that i just started with my sister). It is just an hobby and still needs a loot of work ^^ Kiss!!

  7. Lowell Bryl Dumayhag

    iv been reading your blog since college and i found it realy interesting.

  8. I meant to respond on your Detour entry but commenting’s closed. It will be nice to have your deep posts compiled together. Your style is too outrageous for my taste but I like it, not as much I love your mind. As I said before ( i commented somewhere), you have a beautiful mind =) Congratulations, on ANTM gig.

  9. Helen Morales Escosora

    Hi, just want to say Congratualtions in all you do! I’m a filipina,living here in Tokyo for past decades,been reading your blog for quite some time now.Your blog is has an amazing, interesting context & most of all very fun to read. More power to you!!!

  10. Helen Morales Escosora

    Hi again, sorry about my wrong grammar. What I mean is your blog is AMAZING & has interesting content. Love from Tokyo!

  11. Helen Morales Escosora

    Hi again, just to be sure you got this. What I mean is, Your blog is AMAZING, & has interesting content. Love from Tokyo.

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