Lunch With Devon

Written By bryanboy

Today is my day off work. After running some errands, the super handsome Devon Sawa popped by my place earlier for lunch. It was so nice meeting him in real life — he drove so far just to see me. Many of you will recognize him for his work in Nikita, Final Destination, Eminem’s Stam video, Casper, etc etc etc. I had a hard time explaining to my Swedish beau the importance of who he is so I told him, in summary, well,  he’s the Justin Beiber of my generation minus the singing. How do you explain Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, Bop etc. to a non-American? LOL! Anyhoo  – it’s fascinating how we are complete opposites in so many ways but then I discovered we have so many things in common. He’s an awesome guy!

Devon Sawa with Bryanboy in Los Angeles
Devon Sawa in Los Angeles


  1. looking *very* good(he’s also from my generation)and those are a killer set of eyes(jealous)white is right lol. Hope he gave you advice on getting a tattoo, he has a cartoon devil and a cross.

  2. I remembered shrieking in the cinema along with other girls when I saw him appear as Casper.. and I was aroung 7 years old then. **swoons** :)

  3. i had a big crush on him when I was little. I even hang a poster of him in my room I think it’s still there (grandma’s place). you’re so lucky to meet him

  4. OMG! i had a poster of Devon Sawa in my room when I was young..Also JTT ( Jonathan Taylor Thomas) Devon was my ultimate crush. <3333

  5. Uh, did you forget – JTT aka Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the Justin Bieber of the 90’s. You are a 90’s kid/teen right?! x :)

  6. Jocyl Ganzon Macasa

    Devon Sawa *sigh* My cousin and I always had the biggest arguments as to who si cuter, Devon Sawa or Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Devon for the win!! :))

  7. OMG! I LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE him back in Casper, then Final Destin. He still got that spunk! I’d DIE if I were in front of him.

  8. Anna Rommetveit

    Oh fuck, it’d him. It’s really Devon. Omg. He is like… the hottest actor I have ever seen on screen. Out of breath. You MET HIM? That is so fab. Congrats! He is like…… love him.

  9. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I had the biggest crush on Devon as a teen… I shamelessly collected his posters from Bop, Tiger Beat, and all those magazines. Glad to see him still doing his damn thing. Love that you got to meet him! Can’t wait to see you on Top Model! Congrats!


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