Today is my day off work. After running some errands, the super handsome Devon Sawa popped by my place earlier for lunch. It was so nice meeting him in real life — he drove so far just to see me. Many of you will recognize him for his work in Nikita, Final Destination, Eminem’s Stam video, Casper, etc etc etc. I had a hard time explaining to my Swedish beau the importance of who he is so I told him, in summary, well,  he’s the Justin Beiber of my generation minus the singing. How do you explain Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, Bop etc. to a non-American? LOL! Anyhoo  – it’s fascinating how we are complete opposites in so many ways but then I discovered we have so many things in common. He’s an awesome guy!

Devon Sawa with Bryanboy in Los Angeles
Devon Sawa in Los Angeles