Brussels Express

Written By bryanboy

I know very little about Brussels but after watching this documentary about bike messengers, wow, I may have to reconsider about visiting the city. I’m not a big fan of horrendous traffic. In fact, I hate it. My hometown is notorious for traffic too. I have lost countless hours in my life sitting inside the car.

I love the Mayor of Copenhagen. I think a lot of people can pick up a thing or two from him. Also, kudos for introducing wifi in the trains and buses. Amazing.


  1. Ruben Ceuppens

    Traffic in Brussels isn’t that bad. Most of the old city is pedestrian-only. There are a few large thoroughfares, but you’ll easily be able to avoid those. The rush hour is notoriously busy, because a lot of people leave the city after work and they ‘re undertaking some major and long overdue roadworks in the coming months. Not visiting a city because of its traffic would exclude some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Brussels is definitely worth a visit and a city with a lot of history, but also with a big future. Because of the European institutions in the city, there are a lot of young people from all over the world and there is a vibrant nightlife, just ask the right people (=people you could imagine hanging out with).

  2. Alexander Delahaye

    Come to Belgium! I’ll be your personal guide! :)

  3. As Ruben said, traffic in Brussels is okay, it is very hard to get into Brussels during rush hour! if you are coming to brussels you have to visit Boulevard the Waterloo (owned by LVMH, kind of), The Dansaert area and the Marollen. Don’t forget that it is the capital of the EU, so you will find a lot of business people in Brussels. People speak french and dutch in brussels, but at the boulevard the waterloo they do not speak a lot of dutch! i live at the dutch part of the country so i speak english when i go shopping. the reason of all of it are the international customers. they buy the big names

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