10 Reasons Why I Love Sydney

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy having lunch in Surry Hills, Sydney

1) The food is very good. It’s all about fresh produce and glorious, fresh seafood. I had oysters five days out of ten that I was there. The oysters at Otto were the best. They were served with salmon roe on top, amongst other things. You also have to go to Golden Century, the Chinese restaurant that’s open round the clock. It’s an institution.

2) Even though you’re in a big city, you’re always surrounded with nature. You’ll see heaps of trees, parks, gardens, etc. Oh and birds. There are birds everywhere! It’s all about the birds. I made friends with a group of seagulls near the Opera House.

3) It’s a very health-conscious city. There are tons of people running, jogging all over the place. In between the shows (on a weekday afternoon), Rumi and I saw at least three dozen guys collectively doing ab crunches and situps in the park.

4) Everything you need is right under your nose. It’s very convenient city to get around. Cabs are plentiful (you can hail them on the street like New York, unlike in Europe) and all the places you need to go is within a 5-20 minute cab ride.

5) The beach is a stone’s throw away. Bondi beach is super beautiful!

6) Speaking of Bondi beach, Bondi Icebergs is one of my favourite places in town. Be sure to visit in the afternoon and have a very late lunch followed by cocktails during sunset. The view is spectacular.

7) People are super friendly and helpful. Sydneysiders are very curious, very chatty and very smiley. They’re kinda like good looking, healthier, all-natural versions of British people in Los Angeles.

8) Sydney feels very safe. There aren’t many cities in the world where I feel safe (I got mugged in Paris twice for instance) but Sydney seems to be safe enough. Maybe because there are tons of Asians (there are areas of Sydney where I feel like I’m in Singapore or Hongkong)??? I mean, Asians, in general, are mostly peaceful people…

9) You have a take a sunset cruise along Sydney Harbour aboard someone’s yacht. It’s magnificent.

10) There are tons of hot guys. I kid you not!!! Lord have mercy on me. Several blogger colleagues could not stop staring at hot guys left and right. Just look — don’t talk or touch!


  1. This is why I love you Bryan, you’re just so honest and amazing. Hope you enjoyed Sydney, I hope to move there soon :) x

  2. Ana Rita Almeida

    You should really come to Lisbon. All the reasons why you love Sidney are all the reasons why I love my city. I’ll leave you with this video, it might spark your curiosity: http://vimeo.com/23971529

    Greetings from the happiest place on earth!

  3. Love you ten sydney tips! All appreciated and good to know!I love reading your blog for so many reasons but you friggin’ crack me up all the time! Your blog is awesome and your amazing

  4. Mina Nguyen

    Hahah. I love Sydney too, perhaps my favorite city in the world. I miss it so much! M-u-s-t go back asap :D

  5. Loved this post! So amazing to read such kind words about my home city :) much love xx


  6. I love the way you live your life, travelling all the time, having fun and doing lot of job at the same time (a goog one). I follow you (I live in Milan-Italy) with so much interest. I wish you all the best. Lavinia

  7. These 10 reasons have now made me desperate to go Sydney! It sounds beautiful and lovely. I love the idea how it’s a big city but still surrounded by lots of nature and animals too and then the beach not far either. It’s like the perfect balance!

    Daniel x

  8. I’m glad you enjoyed Sydney. There are literally thousands of reasons why I love my city, but your list of ten is perfect. Come visit us again mate :)

  9. I agree with you a lot of your reasons- especially the it feels safe part and the Asians everywhere. When I moved here, that was one of the biggest surprises to me! Glad you had a great time!

  10. I didn’t think it was possible but I love you even more now.You put into words some of the reasons why I LOVE living here. THANK YOU.
    AND LOLWTF @ reason 8 “asians…peaceful people” hahaha…you know we are ;)

  11. David Thierry

    Bryan, Sydney has one of the largest gay male populations in the world, often rumored to be the largest! Glad you loved it.

  12. Sydney is such a beautiful place I live on the other side of Australia and have only been there once but is definitely on my list of places I’d love to live!

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