Scarlett Johansson for Vogue USA May 2012 Cover

Written By bryanboy

Scarlett Johansson is on the cover of the May 2012 issue of American Vogue. I’m not the biggest ScarJo fan but she looks DAZZLING on the cover.

Scarlett Johansson May 2012 Vogue USA cover


  1. that’s because she’s photo-shopped to hell and back. i’ve seen her in person and she’s lovely, really cute, fresh-faced. but this is enhanced turquoise eyes, whitened teeth, retouched skin, perfectly resting gown, etc… think of these covers as ‘paintings’. which is what they are. so a dazzling scarjo painting…yeah, okay, i get that. xoxox, annette

  2. Absolutely stunning! So classic in a ‘new’ way, if that even makes sense. Makes me proud of being danish.

  3. I dont’ like this cover! too old fashionaed, always the same Scarlett!
    omg i can’t believe VOGUE america can be so boring!! in 2012,
    come on ANNA WINTOUR, refresh your VOGUE!!!
    however Scarlett is better with her natural hair and “current”dress!
    i don’t understand this 50′ style ! why?
    definetely she’s a spoilt actress and i always prefer models on magazine cover, more more beautiful!


  4. She’s gorgeous, very wholesome looking if you know what i mean, but WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO HER CHEST?! That is a very low cut dress she is wearing, and miss Scarlett is not exactly small chested and now look… no cleavage!!! Were the boobs too much for the cover? They may well be but then DON’T PUT HER IN THAT BLEEDIN DRESS!!! This photo shoping is just insane, it’s no longer about enhancing, it’s altering beyond all recognition! Why not just put a plastic doll on the cover?

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