Melanzane da Dolce & Gabbana

Written By bryanboy

If there’s one thing you must get this season, why not consider a strong, printed trouser? I’m a sucker for printed pants. I love how I can pair them off with anything! I haven’t worn my Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer aubergine trousers since fashion month and now that I’m back in Italy, why not wear it again? The cheeky aubergine print warranted quite a number of stares; a young Italian boy, probably not older than ten, screamed ‘bello!’ at my direction. I don’t know whether I should be flattered or what.

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Venetian gondolier at Sestiere Santa Croce, Venezia
Bryanboy smoking a cigarette at Sestiere Santa Croce, Venice
Bryanboy at Sestiere Santa Croce, Venice, Italy
Bryanboy outside Campo San Simeon Profeta, Venezia
Bryanboy in Venice with Tea Room Di Elena Mazzacurati  at Sestiere Santa Croce, Venezia on his left
Bryanboy in Venice, looking over his shoulder
Bryanboy outside a Venetian private garden
Bryanboy wearing a Venetian mask at a private residence


  1. Amazing pics ! Love the melanzana print :) I think you should be flattered to that compliment, hehe ! Greetings from Italy, I have been following you since ages and ages and I always enjoy reading your posts ! xoxo

  2. Love the pants, but lose the cigarettes! They’re going to make you look like an old wrinkled man way before your time. Never chic, kind of like black socks with mandals.

    1. bryanboy Post author

      Jane and dewofthedesert — they re not socks with sandals. Those are my mesh and leather Phillip lim booties. Have u not seen them?

  3. Amazing outfit and those pants are everything. I love the way you put pieces together, so effortless and yet so fantastic!

  4. Well that’s much better! (But still drop the ciggies. You’re too cute and cool for lung disease.) Isn’t Venice divine? More photos, please!

  5. Oyeyemi Egunlade

    You look look FAB as always!!! i agree with the others LOSE the cigs.

  6. I love you but you cannot wear socks with sandals, exp. when you are in Italy, it’s…it’s… (I can’t say the word)

    1. bryanboy Post author

      Camilla — I love you too but I think you’re blind. They are NOT socks with sandals. They’re mesh and leather booties made by Phillip Lim.

  7. Why would you call her “blind” right away? :-( They do look like socks with sandals in the picture.

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