I Kinda Wanna Dance

Written By bryanboy

I can’t remember the last time I danced for hours. It’s one thing to go to a night club and sway the odd, spastic hip here and there and it’s another thing to down a dozen vodka red bulls, throw caution to the wind and do a proper all-night sweat-a-thon dance bender. I was an avid clubber when I was younger. I’ve been to many clubs and raves back in the day, gone through countless glowsticks and pacifiers and lollipops and platform shoes and pills and god knows what else. I’ve seen people vomit, faint, foam in the mouth, etc. I’d wear my shades not at night but in the morning. Sun rise meant it was time to go home. Or to a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend’s apartment for an afterparty.

Bryanboy in a yellow feather coat

Cocaine to my ears…


And I feel what you feel, and I do what you do. And I feel like I’m falling, falling, falling… feeeeeeeeeeel feeeeeeel feeeeel!

I dunno. There’s just something so therapeutic submitting oneself to the beat of uplifting music, throw arms in the air and jump and dance and roar like a wild animal.

Times definitely have changed though. Wind the clocks forward and here I am, a morning person, hitting the hotel breakfast buffet whenever possible. Sunlight became my best friend. Without it, I won’t have images for my blog.

I’d pop by the odd club and most places feel like four-walled rooms filled with boozed posers. Barely anyone dances, etc. I went to this “Black and White” party at the Teatro Versace in Milan last week and while the venue was packed, you can count with two hands the number of people shaking their booties. What happened to those days when people spilled drinks on each other and no one cared because everyone was dancing and everyone worshipped the DJ?

In this day and age of social media and cellphones and facebook and twitter and twitpic, people became camera-ready creatures. Now I can’t even go to a club and dance carelessly until I feel like a sweaty sponge without anyone tapping my shoulder every few minutes to ask for a photo. I don’t mind doing this of course but also, it would be nice to have a night off. It would be nice to do what I went to the club for…. to be anonymous, to let my hair down, have a nice drink and dance the night away.


  1. BRYAN!! Your blog was the first I ever read, back in 2006 or something like that…and I LOVED it! You were this crazy party animal and your blog was the craziest shit that had every reached me in Sweden..Time really has changed, and strangely enough we actually have friends in common now- the world is really small. I can understand you miss the old days, I know I miss the blog posts of you coming home at 3 pm from an after party. But what you are doing now is amazing too :) So keep up the good work!! LOVE XX

  2. this had tugged a heart string. get yourself to Liverpool UK. Gbar & Garlands would have you in a minute. pretty girls dont dance they pose to techno. nobody cares and everybody is high of pills. amazing.

  3. amazing blog post. i just want to scream: TTTHE HECK HAPPEND WITH BRYANBOY?! You’ve grown sooo much man, i can see that by reading the wise words! Time changes, so do you, it is sad. I miss the old BRYANBOY! but hey, being this crazy party animal wont make your future bright.
    love youu so much :]! Keep blogging, you inspire US everyday!

  4. ” Go clubbing in drag darling ( and leave the camera at home )!” Have a good weekend Easter Bunny . Laurent Xxx

  5. Surely a by-product of the world you have chosen and the places you choose to go out. There are plenty of great clubs in the great cities where you could dance anomalously..

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