Pringle’s Perfect 10

Written By bryanboy

Don’t forget to pick up the latest (spring/summer 2012) issue of 10 Magazine UK. Anna Mouglalis, in Chanel, is on the cover. Ten is one of my favourite fashion glossies! Pringle of Scotland recently collaborated with my beloved Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou and they’ve invited their favourite personalities for this cute travel Q&A feature. Anna Dello Russo, Antonio Berardi, Katie Hillier, Susie Bubble and Jen Brill (among many others) also took part and all of us wore pieces from the 10 x Pringle collaboration. I sent in a cheeky photo that my bf took of myself, dozing away at the Swissair lounge at Zurich airport in January.

Anna Mouglalis on the cover of Ten Magazine
Bryanboy wearing Pringle of Scotland x 10 Magazine

Click click click to read my Q&A.

Bryanboy wearing Pringle of Scotland cashmere sweater and track pants

10: What’s your dream travel destination?

Me: Nepal and Mongolia

10: What three things would you take with you on a desert island?

Me: A satellite phone, laptop and Roman Abramovich’s cellphone number.

10: What’s the thing that you’ve forgotten to pack and thought, damn?

Me: My dignity. But after all these years of non-stop traveling, I’m glad I always leave it behind.

10: What’s your favourite holiday song?

Me: Mariah Carey and Justin Beiber’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ duet. It’s so wrong and cheesy that it’s right.

10: Any travel shockers you would care to share?
Me: I’ve learned to to trust overtly handsome, off-duty model-esque, bellboys working at boutique hip hotels. There’s nothing hip about a tall, skinny blond boy inadvertently leaving your luggage in the wrong car three hours before a long-haul flight.

10: How many minibar mini bottles are too many?
Me: One is too many, two is too much. Three bottles and you know I’m crashing somebody else’s room!

10: Are you a fan of room service?
Me: Seventy-five euros for breakfast? Jamais! I’ll pay for the room upgrade, but then it’s McDonald’s for that bedtime snack.

10: Do you drop your towels on the bathroom floor after just one wash or do you reuse?

Me: Definitely reuse and recycle.

10: Do you wear Pringle? When do you wear Pringle?

Me: Have you seen the latest spring/summer 2012 collection? I want all the graphic knits and I want them now!

10: What’s your favourite piece from the Pringle Travel collection? The one you’re wearing?

Me: My favourite piece is the super lightweight black cashmere v-neck sweater. It’s like wearing butter on my skin, minus the grease! I love it!


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