Just Waiting For The Chilly, Jil-ly Days To Be Over

Written By bryanboy

I bought this navy veiled beanie designed by Stephen Jones for Jil Sander at the Paris boutique during Paris fashion week and I’ve been wearing it almost every day. It’s one of my favourite purchases this season and I’ve gotten major mileage out of this (very) expensive hat. I regret not buying the white one. What’s annoying is that it took an amazing genius like Stephen to come up with the idea of combining something so terribly banal (beanie) with something so chic (netted veil). The result, is, phenomenal! I can’t believe no one ever thought of it before and could’ve sold it for a friendlier price.

Jil Sander beanie with a veil spring summer 2012 hat

Veiled beanie hat by Stephen Jones for Jil Sander (click HERE), Embroidered men’s t-shirt by Jil Sander (click HERE)

Jil Sander is available online at Mr. Porter, Net-a-Porter, Luisa Via Roma and Oki-ni.

Click click click for more photos!

Bryanboy wearing a veiled beanie hat by Stephen Jones for Jil Sander and a Jil Sander spring summer 2012 menswear top
Jil Sander spring summer 2012 worn by Bryanboy
Detail shot of a Jil Sander spring summer 2012 men's top


  1. Hello Bryanboy! You are such an inspirational being. Love the beanie and the shirt. I wish you all the best for the future. Keep inspiring<3

  2. Hi Brian, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and though a lot of the things you wear are not my style at all, I find it incredibly interesting to see the outfits you put together, the place you get to visit and the people you meet. It seems like an incredible life. I’ve never felt the need/want to comment before but I just clicked the link to see out of interest how much that beanie cost. I’m just completely shocked that anyone would pay such a ridiculous amount of money for something!! DIY project perhaps?! It’s none of my business what you spend your money on, I’m just blown away that anyone would pay that price for a beanie with some mesh attached to it!! Anyway, apart from that, love the blog :)

  3. I agree with Naomi. I’m a bit shocked it costs so much, too. I know it is Stephen Jones, but is it worth paying just for the brand name when it can be so easily made? Also Bryan, you are looking a bit gray! You need a [fake] tan! xxx

  4. You need to meet the man himself sometimes…Stephen Jones is charming, clever and funny. His(fabulous)hats are worth every penny…

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