Hikikomori by Zola Jesus

Written By bryanboy

I’m always curious with the choice of soundtracks used at runway shows. It’s one of the very rare times when I get to learn of artists that aren’t exactly super mainstream. Here’s a track by Zola Jesus, an artist I’ve never heard of before until Alber Elbaz used one of her tracks, Hikikomori, at the fall/winter 2012 Lanvin fashion show. I love it.


Blisters on my hands. And I feel the… fall. I got scissors in my head, telling me to take a thought, telling me to let it fail. Secrets in the deep dark, secret on the inside. Oooooh I know. I’m home, linger in myself….


  1. Thanks for bringing this subject to light, I’ve always been curious about this too and whom these artists might be as the soundtracks are so unprecedented, always very unique! It sort adds and keeps a certain level of mystery alive when the songs playing are the once constantly replayed on the radio, which all runways shows must have in order to have that excitement going.

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