Furla Cocktail Milano

Written By bryanboy

I thought I’d share more photos from my Milan trip. After the Versace fashion show, I visited the nearby Furla venue once again for their cocktail event. A flute of champagne and a few minutes of dancing is the perfect way to unwind after a long day’s worth of shows and presentations.

Bryanboy at Furla Cocktail Event
Furla Candy bags on Furla staff

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Misha Janette, Ingrid Go, Massimiliano of Claudia Wensch and Bryanboy at Furla, Milan
Sissi dancing at Furla, Milan
Bryanboy, Misha Janette and Ingrid Go at Furla
Furla Executives, Milan
Massimiliano Galletti, Guido Taroni, Alice Carli and Bryanboy at Furla Milan
Teresa Missoni at Furla Event, Milan
Alice Carli and Bryanboy at Furla Cocktail Event Milano
Teresa Missoni and Guido Taroni at Furla Cocktail Event Milano


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