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I’ve been looking forward to seeing snow the past few months but alas, it’s been a very mild winter across both sides of the Atlantic this season. I wanted to go skiing after Paris but the idea of dragging my fashion month suitcases to the slopes is not a feasible one, especially when I’m already having problems taking them with me to the airport. I’ve been told one needs to take the car or train to St. Moritz or Courchevel or Cortina from a major city. I’ve never gone skiing EVER (from the looks of it, I need a whole new wardrobe for it — Moncler are you listening?) so I guess I’m gonna have to dedicate time to plan the perfect ski trip. Lucky for me, Flottsbro is just a stone’s throw away from Stockholm city center. My BF and I went here once again to appease my need to see some precious white flakes.

Bryanboy at Flottsbrogården, Sweden, March 2012

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Flottsbrogården Stockholm, Sweden
Flottsbrogården Piste Information
Snow in Flottsbro, Sweden
Flottsbrogården snow
Flottsbro skiing, Sweden
Flottsbro Sweden skiing slope


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