Clutch Me If You Can

Written By bryanboy

I don’t normally consider myself as a clutch person because I like to keep a hand free — free to smoke a cigarette, free to use my gargantuan camera take photos here and there, free to use my phone to text or to read Twitter. However, I’m a getting a bit bored of using bags that hang off the shoulder (or body) so the idea of simplifying and carrying the basics (lighter, gum, small wallet, ciggies and lip gloss) is very appealing. Last week in Paris, the very handsome Gabrielcorto gifted me this cute snakeskin clutch with neon green piping. I love it. It’s the perfect bag to keep the essentials on a relaxed Friday afternoon here in Stockholm.

Bryanboy in Sodermalm carrying a Corto Moltedo snakeskin clutch bag

Sunglasses by Yves Saint Laurent, vintage J. Crew sweater (bought at Kiliwatch in Paris), black shirt by Uniqlo, watch by Michael Kors, clutch gifted by Corto Moltedo

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Corto Moltedo snakeskin clutch bag
Snakeskin clutch bag by Corto Moltedo and gold Michael Kors watch
Snake skin clutch bag by Corto Moltedo


  1. It’s a great clutch, but what I’m REALLY loving on you is that sweater! It reminds me of Bert and Ernie- in the most complimentary way possible!!

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