Charlize Theron – Young Adult

Written By bryanboy

Now that Fashion Month is officially over, I can slob it up, eat, get fat, watch movies and turn myself into a caveman. Charlize Theron’s flick, “Young Adult”, is being shown in theaters here in France but I’m gonna do it the Bryanboy way — rent it on iTunes, watch it on my bed while eating like a pig, wearing cashmere pyjamas.


  1. she does crazy quite well that Ms. Theron. But any kind of class/school reunion movie (or concept) makes me anxious. I couldnt dream of attending something like that in real life. As soon as I left high school i got 5k miles outta there stat. same after Uni.

    Congrats on your take-it-easy days here in France. Even better (if you live nearby)go relax in a park (like jardin du luxemberg) with a blanky & your PJ’s. Best day ever.

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