Bryanboy’s First Helicopter Ride

Written By bryanboy

Have you ever been inside a helicopter? I haven’t. Which is why for my birthday last week, I bought myself a lovely Grand Canyon tour (it’s the best $500 I’ve ever spent in my entire life), complete with a 35 minute ride above the Grand Canyon. I don’t know what came over me because I’m the last person in the world to be obsessed with these ‘nature adventure’ tours but I’m so glad I did it. The Grand Canyon is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. I was blown away by how beautiful it is. Anyway, riding helicopters are fun. I honestly think I could get used to it. I’ve been told by a cab driver in Vegas that Celine Dion regularly commutes by helicopter from her house to where she performs. I need a job that requires me to take helicopter rides every day because the views are like no other.

Bryanboy's Helicopter from Maverick Tours, Arizona

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  1. Amazing posting – and won’t believe that you never had a helicopter trip before… – it is sooo much fun – did it in Sydney and will do it whenever I can… will share pics on my page… but good to see that you enjoyed your ride… – V.

  2. Won’t believe that it was your first time… :) – it is soooo much fun – had a trip in Sydney and it was brilliant – will upload pics shortly

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