Bittermelon Much?

Written By bryanboy

I’ve been so busy during fashion month that I’ve completely forgotten about the delightful Marni and H&M collaboration. Yesterday was the launch no wonder all the Marni x H&M merchandise were gone by the time I popped by H&M store on Boulevard Hausmann last night before dinner. No surprises there. I wanted so many things from the collection — the quirky tops, all the polka dot items, the jacket with the patent leather panel on the front, the accessories, etc. It was a gorgeous, GORGEOUS collaboration.

I was so bitter last night for being empty-handed (no, I’m NOT gonna look up Marni x H&M on eBay) but then I woke up this morning with feeling relieved. I love these designer collaborations so much that I always end up not buying not just one or two items but the whole lot. Remember the Versace and Lanvin collaborations? I’ve spent so much money on those and frankly-speaking, the novelty had worn off after a week. What happened to all the clothes I bought? After shooting them for my blog, they’re probably gathering dust in my closet somewhere.

I’m going back to Stockhome and I mean Stockholm, land of H&M, early next week. When it comes to aesthetics, most Swedes are allergic to anything loud. Hopefully there are still some leftovers. Who knows. Otherwise, there’s real Marni — at least not everyone and their dog has em.

Feeling bitter is not a good feeling. Please make it go away.

Hopefully it will when I go to real Marni and of course, Prada.


  1. When I saw the collection I was like “nice” when I touched the clothes I was like “WTF” ? Super cheap quality.I mean cheaper than normal HM.And the prices for this shit were high.So,don’t worry

  2. Huwag ka na magpaka-ampalaya day! Afford mo naman yung Marni hayaan mo na sa aming mga hampaslupa yung marni x h&m. ^_^

  3. I had a business trip (from Milan to Naples) on the day of the launch..
    So I was so angry too because I missed it..

    After I finished my meetings, I was walking to have some dinner when I spotted an H&M store.
    I wasn’t even gonna check it out because I was sure all the pieces will be sold out.
    To my surprise everything was still available and I got all the pieces I wanted from the collection.

    I got lucky in a very similar way when the Lanvin one came out and I was on a trip in Berlin.
    Whiel things sold out in Milan in hours, you could easily find anything from the men’s collection in Berlin even two weeks after the launch!!

    I guess the craziness about these designers collections is only in the fashion capitals.

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