Back At Your Local Pump And Dump

Written By bryanboy

I always feel a sense of a pride every time I master a new skill. In America, people pump their own gas tanks (is it New Jersey where they don’t? not sure) so naturally, pumping gas is something that is absolutely foreign to me. Until my gurl Rumi taught me how to do it during our quick jaunt to Austin. The act of filling your tank with something so dangerous and lethal is something that is so scary and fulfilling at the same time.

Bryanboy getting out of a car at a gas station in Austin
Bryanboy pumping gas in Austin, Texas
Austin pump and dump

Sunglasses from Yves Saint Laurent, fur collar from Adrienne Landau, shirt from Dolce & Gabbana, jeans from Acne, bag gifted by Bally, shoes from Givenchy


  1. You are super funny, never seen anyone pump gas with a handbag and holding coffee, that’s cray, gotta try that one. I know you were serious pumping that gas looking fab, but that shh is funny. Love the first pic…

    Ms. Style Junkie

  2. I know how you feel! Pumping gas for the first time in Canada some years ago I had no one to help me out! You never realize how heaving the pump gun is, right? Weren’t you scared to get gas on your fur?

  3. Chuva Chienes-Younghusband

    Yes, in New Jersey (and Oregon) – we don’t get to pump our own gas.. some kind of law back in 1949 about the hazards associated with pumping your own gas. I like it. It’s kinda nice.

    Love the bag!!

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