After Martin Margiela Fall 2012

Written By bryanboy

I love this photo that Wayne took of me after the Martin Margiela fall/winter 2012 fashion show last week.

Bryanboy wearing a Givenchy spring summer 2012 sweater after the Martin Margiela show

On me: Jil Sander beanie, Givenchy sweater, Giorgio Armani trousers, 3.1 Phillip Lim shoes, backpack from Marc by Marc Jacobs
Photo via Wayne Tippetts


  1. I saw you on Le Petite Journal last night. They were asking you (and a couple others) a quick question on what you think of the French Prez.

    Youre skin looks amazing up close, by the way

  2. Seriously i know he gives good reviews and publicity to brands in exchange for free clothes and stuff but where the fuck does one get a jill sander beanie ?!?!?!?!? And to everyone else stop posting your blogs lik seriously no ones gonna click on some sad tasteless suck-ups website its just…no

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