South Congress, Austin, Texas

Written By bryanboy

A visit through Austin’s South Congress (aka SoCo) is a MUST. It’s Austin’s coolest area brimming with great cafes, cute little shops, etc. I’ll post a list of my favourite places in Austin. Also, you MUST visit JO’s…


  1. Go to Mt Bonnell and get pics, then go to the 360 bridge for more pics (the cliff on the northwest side) and go out to The Oasis and see its horrific craziness.

  2. Where you in Austin this weekend?! I must have missed you! I was doing a photo shoot this weekend! We were actually going to do part of the shoot on South Congress, but we got such a late start because of the weather.

  3. As a Texan, i find this to actually be pretty offensive. I feel like the entire video was dedicated to showing the you guys are some how superior to and characterized the people of Texas.

    I feel like if the two of you delved a little deeper into Austin you would have seen that you wouldn’t have so easily stood out.

  4. You actually wouldn’t stand out so much in South Congress if you hung out at the right places. Austin has some pretty horrific style but also some pretty amazing style. It’s very hipster/artist friendly. Did you stop in Feathers Boutique?

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