Your Travel Questions Answered (Part 1)

Written By bryanboy

It’s official. I’m really liking these impromptu Q&A sessions on Twitter. Today’s topic is travel so here are the answers to your travel-related questions.

Taking a quick nap at Zurich airport SwissAir business class lounge. Cashmere v-neck sweater and pyjamas from Pringle x (10 Magazine) Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou collaboration, bag from Chanel

Keep them coming you guys! Post your travel-related question in the comments box below and I’ll answer them on a future blog post. I love you all. Happy weekend!

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@munchiiedancez: what country has the most fashionable style to you?

Tough question. It’s a tie between Sweden and Japan. Most Swedes look terrific and stylish that after some time, everyone starts to look the same. Barring my issues with conformity, I like Swedish/Scandinavian style. It’s effortless and very practical. Japan, on the other hand, is a whole different planet. I love how Japanese kids have a no-holds barred approach when it comes to expressing individuality and personal style.

@nicovito: What is your most horrible travel experience?

When I stayed at the Hudson Hotel in New York City. Click HERE to read my blog post.

@sharmineishak: Always wondering how you pack clothes for the right occasion when traveling. How do you manage to fit your wardrobe!?

Plain and simple — I bring everything! I wish I could fit everything I need in one suitcase but no, it’s impossible. I like bringing as many clothing and accessory options as I can.

@mr_acido: Hi! When are you coming to Colombiamoda?? Have you ever been in Latin America? Fashion industry is getting huge!

I have no idea. I’ve always wanted to go to Colombia. You know, I used to watch the soap opera ‘Betty La Fea’ when I was a child. That telenovela put Bogota in my mind. I’ve never really been anywhere in Latin America with the exception of Brazil which I’ve been thrice last year. I know, I know I need to visit that part of the world. Hopefully someone will fly me in? Fingers crossed…

@varsek: ever been to vancouver canada ? If yes why ! If no why !

Nope. Never been to Vancouver or Canada for that matter. I’d LOVE to go there though. Perhaps sometime in the near future when there’s an opportunity there…

@ambersmouthwash: actually, can you answer one now? Do you insure your camera/lenses when you travel?

I don’t insure my equipment, no. Maybe I should. I do however have travel insurance and I think some of my equipment are insured against theft/loss.

@finn1of3: weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten…

Too many to mention. I’m not a fan of exotic food but when push comes to a shove, I’ll try random things once. Weirdest? I’ve tried duck fetus, chicken feet, chicken intestines.

@krissandjules: what is your favorite Place in Asia, that needs a travel to?

I really love Amanpulo in the Philippines. It’s the perfect place to be detached from the world.

@jessmink_: I’m planning to move to europe after graduation. Where would you recommend? I’m trying to perfect my french speaking skills!

If you’re trying to perfect your French skills then why not move to France? But to be honest, you probably won’t use French that much unless you move to France or some countries in Africa. I, o the other hand, would love to learn Chinese/Mandarin. China is the future baby!

@barrio_dimitri: I’m a fashion blogger as well, and I can’t seem to not overpack. What would you say are travel essentials for people like us? :D

My travel essentials change constantly based on the time of the year and my destination. Regardless, I never leave home without skinny jeans, Uniqlo t-shirts and cashmere sweaters and a navy blue blazer.

@gadsonespiritu: What’s your dream destination? (Non work related)

Kathmandu, Buenos Aires, Geneva, Lofoten (Norway) and Alaska

@ijcblog: Place you’re dying to travel to that you haven’t yet visited?

See above.

@hectorkalis: do you feel an abscence of a home because of your frequent traveling?

Not really, no. Home is where your heart is. I’ve been living inside airplanes and hotel rooms for the past few years and I rarely get homesick or get that longing need to be in a ‘home’. I skype EVERY day with my boyfriend and my family is one phone call or text message away.

@aimeechamps: what is the best way to shop thru Europe on a Low budget?

I’m not really an expert when it comes to shopping in Europe but whenever I have the time, I like to check out flea markets and vintage stores. Google is your best friend. :-)

@_SHABS: what’s the best and most fab hotel you’ve ever stayed at?

The Saxon Boutique Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa. They gave me this ENORMOUS suite last year.

@rick_vasquez: when you travel, what’s your makeup & skincare must haves?

Make-up: I use a liquid foundation and mineralizing powder from MAC and nothing else. Skin care: I’m a sucker for SK-II products! I use their cleanser, lotion, essence twice a day and I use their masks every three days.

@sfaul888: do you have a camera that immediately sends pics to ur blog/Twitter?

Nope. I wish!

@woodyb_: between all the traveling how do you have time for your boyfriend, friends and family?

I’m lucky that a few of my friends are in the same/similar profession as I am so I get to see a few of them in my travels. As for my boyfriend, I try to see him regularly. The longest we’ve been apart is two and a half months. We skype EVERY day though, sometimes, for hours each day. I keep in constant contact with my family as well and I also go home quite frequently. It’s not like I don’t see them for months at a time. I may travel a lot but I probably see people in my inner circle more than people who don’t travel a lot but are separated from their loved ones.

@apeeyox: on average, how much over baggage fees do you pay?

On average, none. Thank god for frequent flyer programs and/or flying business/first class upgrades. A sponsor flew me once on economy (the airline doesn’t belong to my frequent flyer program) and I ended up paying the same price as my ticket on one extra suitcase. It was RIDICULOUS.

@kozacali: Q: Which city that you have been that treat you well in term of your fashion style, your personality, and your passion about style

I want to say New York but my heart says Milan. It’s funny because Milanese tend to follow a certain aesthetic but I feel appreciated by the Italians, particularly the fashion houses there. Also, the Italians are crazy. Just like me…

@timoteostudio: what is your favorite spot in new York?

Central Park, hands-down!

@keyisng: Which countries has the best looking man? Haha!

Brazil, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Germany

@lacarmina: What are your favorite ways to pass the time on long flights / layovers? Always looking for new tips! :)

It’s amusing how we’re already in the 20-something century yet we’re still dealing with long, painful flight times yet back in the 1960s/1970s, they had a thing called ‘Concorde’. Ah well. How do I make long flights bearable? Unlike most people, I LOVE long flights. Flying long haul routes is the only time I get to relax. I watch movies, read books and magazines, edit my photos etc. I never get to do some of these things when I’m on the ground simply because there’s not enough time in my day. Sometimes I like to sit, drink wine and enjoy doing absolutely nothing until I fall asleep. No emails to look at, no cellphone calls or text messages, no nothing. It’s heavenly! It’s unfortunate that modern times conditioned us that we always have to do SOMETHING or ANYTHING to keep ourselves occupied that people sometimes forget how luxurious and important it is to relax.

@emmahuangcheers: have you ever have so many flights in the up coming days that you mix up check-in desks of different airlines?



  1. Thanks for answering those !! I wish I’d go to Tokyo, the style there fascinates me ! You are so lucky to have had all those travelling opportunities.

  2. where is your “real” home? do you have an apartment or are you just living out of your suitcase(s)?

  3. Hey what are some may do/eat places in Tokyo? I’m goin there for the first time and would appreciate any recommendations!!

  4. Frida Rahkola

    How many countries have you visited? Which one was your favorite and which one was your nightmare? (love your blog)

  5. I would LOVE to travel more and I have to admit, I’m jealous to see all the amazing places you’ve seen! When I do travel, I can’t seem to fit everything in one suitcase so I totally agree with you there. I’m pretty bad, I have one suitcase for my shoes and another for my clothes! You can never be too prepared =)

  6. Why are you always with Rumi? Are you guys assigned the same projects or just happened to be in the same city? I think you guys take the most fantastic pictures =)

  7. Emanuel Iuhas

    Good post.
    I really enjoy it!
    Love the part with “Betty la Fea”…I liv’it too!
    Hugs from RO…You know were Romania is, do you?

  8. What have you heard about Poland? I live in Warsaw, which may be not well known in the fashion industry, but believe me, it’s getting better and better. We have really cool spots and places to hang out with people who are into fashion. What are your favourite places to hang out during fashion weeks and trips connected with your blog? Visit Warsaw – it’s totally worth it !

  9. You never fail to give so much insights on things that matters most in life like TRAVELING! Got some few tips I would apply to myself as well… (^_^)

  10. Janine SheerDressing

    kinda missed your blog for a while, but I always like your travel-tales. I once read one of your tweets that you might be embarrassed to wear a sheetmask (SKII) in the airplane, which, ahum, “Bryanboy who wears the most bizarre outfits to be embarrased what other people would think of him?”…

  11. You’ve traveled to so many countries, would you have picked up a few languages along the way..? What are languages do you speak apart from Tagalog and English?

  12. travel sleep in style.. you are the coolest of cool. your outfit is so sleep chic and you sleep so vogue! amaze. x

  13. It’s cool to read about your travels and I agree that Central Park is simply beautiful! Have you been to the High Line in NY? I really want to go one day and was wondering if it’s nice.

  14. about the question which country has the more good looking men u should pay a visit to Greece.especially in summer ;)

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