Your Relationship & Sex Questions Answered (Part 1)

Written By bryanboy

As promised on Twitter earlier, here are some answers to some of your relationship & sex-related questions. I wanted to take a brief break from everything that’s going on my plate. It’s very therapeutic answering your questions.

Bryanboy and German sausage

Feel free to tweet me @bryanboy with your questions or ask them on the comments box. I’ll answer the ones I find interesting. No super graphic or explicit questions though, let’s keep everything R-Rated. You may ask anything and everything, of course, but I cannot guarantee you’ll get an answer.

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@karlach: Whats the most charming thing you find in a guy?? honestly

Gentlemanliness. I like guys who open doors for me or do these little things that make my life comfortable without me asking.

@tawdsome: how can we try to look good without trying to compete with our boyfriends? It confuses me sometimes.

Trying to look good should never feel like you’re competing with anyone. You should only try to look good FOR yourself. If you have a boyfriend who is threatened by what you do to look a certain way then clearly you’re dating a wrong guy. Ditto if you feel threatened when your boyfriend is trying to look a certain way.

Your partner should be able to go BEYOND HOW OR WHAT YOU LOOK and still appreciate you. In my relationship, I can be in whatever state and my boyfriend still finds me attractive. I know I’ve had caveman moments when I haven’t shaved in a week, haven’t showered in a few days and he still gives me kisses and cuddles.

Both my man and I are completely opposite. We subscribe to a different aesthetic thus, we have different style sensibilities. I’m all for being opposites — I’m not comfortable with the idea of dating someone who looks like me, acts like or thinks like me. One me is enough to keep the planet rotating. Ick. The thought is giving me shivers down my spine…

@nicklately: I really find it hard to find a boyf cuz I’m in Fashion and that freaks the boys out. You have a boyfriend right? How’d you do it?

Hahaha I know how you feel! I’m VERY allergic to fashion boys myself. I like them as friends but that’s about it. All those fierce and ferocious lewks can be kryptonite to a guy’s third leg, you know? Let me put it this way — a man dressed in head to toe Givenchy bird of paradise print will get the same amount of sex a woman who’s wearing that badass leather and fur Alexander Wang poncho: NADA! Aside from fellow women, do you really think men find ultra fashionable, ultra skinny women attractive? Not unless they’re gay.

Two fashion boys dating each other are like two sisters raiding their mom’s closet to play dress-up. Not gonna werq honey, not gonna werq!

First impressions count. I met my boyfriend in a cafe in Stockholm during a day off. He found me attractive because I didn’t have my game face (or should I say game gear) on. In other words, I didn’t look like a clown. Over time, I opened myself to him (well, he found my blog, duh). But he knows I only do what I do because I love clothes and my work reflects only a PART of me and NOT me completely. A billion outfits and craziness later, we’re still together and he’s very supportive of me. He understands my job, my blog and the reasoning behind my, erm, sartorial eccentricities.

I know you love Balenciaga and Proenza just like every bitch, tranny and Barney’s ho but try leaving your fashion cap at home, let your hair down sometimes and don’t think about fashion ALL the time!

@kshoutz: Maybe you’re really Carrie Bradshaw?

Maybe. Except I don’t live in New York, I haven’t spent $40,000 in shoes and I haven’t walked a “real people” runway show in swarovski-studded Dolce & Gabbana knickers.

@blacksebath: When did you know that you had a thing for the same sex?

Probably when I was about 12. When I was on sixth grade. I had butterflies in my stomach during the first day of school when I saw my former classmate named ‘Emmanuel’. I had such a huge crush on him it was embarassing. Halfway during the school year, we fought during a school field trip (I called him ‘coins’ because he had a scar on his leg that looked like a coin) and he punched my arm.

: does size really matter to you?

Of course! I’m not gonna lie. I don’t want to give a Miss Universe beauty pageant answer and be all politically-correct and sensitive by saying ‘it’s all about personality’ or ‘it’s not about the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean’. All of that is nonsense! It DOES matter to me. I like it big. Big enough. Not too big though. Too big is just as bad as small.

@mr_acido: Ok! Here it is!! What’s your sexual fantasy? And …Do you like to sodomize with Givenchy handcuffs?? Lol!

I don’t really have a sexual fantasy. I’m all for trying things out once and trust me, I’ve done a lot of things over the years but no, no fantasies for me. No, no Givenchy or Vuitton handcuffs for this lady either…

@HyCGrape: what celebrity would be acceptable to cheat on your bf with?

My partner gave me approval to cheat as long as Jake Gyllenhaal is involved. I’m still waiting for what he has to say about Ryan Gosling…

@eizamay: is it okay to ask an acquaintance to sleep with you?

Definitely! As long as the person is an acquaintance and not someone who you have an emotional connection with then sure, why not? However, when it comes to friends, friends’ partners, or friends’s EXs, I suggest that you swallow a lust-suppression, mojo-control pill STAT. Too shady to do anything that involves genitals without consequences.

@222girls: can you explain why all hollywood relationships are going under atm? Demi & Ashton, Katy & Russell..What advice would you give?

Very little things in this life are permanent and that includes relationships. Celebrity relationships are no different to normal people relationships. They probably have it a little harder given their circumstances but really, couples are couples, people are people. And couples separate every second around the world for a reason. Most couples separate when one of them no longer please one another.

: How long was your longest dry spell?

My longest dry spell is about 2 and a half months. That’s what love and being in long distance relationship does.

@allanrferrari: Top or Bottom?

What do you think?

@benblogs: what shoes do you see on a guy and go “ooo he’s a keeper”?

I’m not really one of those people who judge others by the shoes they’re wearing. I mean, I wear CROCS at home. Are you really gonna say “NEXT!”, hop and skip your way out after seeing a really hot man wearing UGGS? Not me! In fact, I’d probably avoid guys who have the same shoe taste as me. Haha!

@SK_AllTheWay: Should I be worried that my BF has taken an obsessive interest in fashion, or is it my fault for introducing him to Mr. Porter?

Don’t be daft. Of course not! When it comes to our partners, fashion is healthy in very small doses. Mr. Porter is a good website to obsess on. I’d be worried if he started looking at personals sites or on the M4M section of craigslist…

@ehbet: I know I’m not physically attractive + not that rich, so how can I win a guy that I’m crushing on? Any tips + tricks? ☺ ♥ u!

Crushes are ok but to be honest with you, crushes should remain as that — crushes. It’s always very unhealthy obsessing about crushes, chasing people or trying to win someone over. Being insecure about yourself while trying to while someone is never a good combination. I suggest that you resolve your personal issues first. Humans are very weird creatures. What’s attractive to one person is not attractive to the next person. There’s always someone out there for everyone so don’t lose hope. Just focus on yourself and the right person will come!


  1. Love this Question and Answer post! Thanks to your article we get to know you better, in a different way. Love U Bryan!

  2. This post is amazing. My future husband also has to be a gentleman. You should get a colmn in a teenaner magazine giving teens love advice. Love your answers :)

  3. question: Can 2 guys from different social classes (1 rich, 1 poor) work out in a long term relationship,is love or money more important?

  4. Brilliant idea for a post… Hoping you’ll answer more questions in the future! I really liked your answer to the last question; I had a hard time learning that on my own. You’ll win “most original blog” for sure, haha!

  5. I absolutely loved this!! I’m now wondering… When do you know it’s worth keeping a long distance relationship? and, how do you keep the heat in your long distance relationship? (I know love is enough but even that can be lost some times, sadly)

  6. great post BB, great to learn a bit more about you – plus you make a lot of sense! wise words :) Bridgid x (

  7. My first crush is named Emmanuel too:) And you should tell BF to OK Ryan first before Jake. Canadians rule:)

  8. “…Aside from fellow women, do you really think men find ultra fashionable, ultra skinny women attractive? Not unless they’re gay. ”

    Wahahaha I died laughing on that one!

  9. First of all: I love this post. You are too wise for your age, sorry but how old are u again? Second of all: thank you for sharing this:”Aside from fellow women, do you really think men find ultra fashionable, ultra skinny women attractive? Not unless they’re gay.” I have been struggling so long with my weight and it’s refreshing to hear those words from someone so important in this industry. I’m not fat, but I’m not thin either. I am a size xs-s and have like 25-26″ in jeans. But I’m pretty short and I’m convinced that I look like a huge elephant compared to all super skinny girls like Elin (don’t get me wrong I totally love Elin Kling – she’s the best) or for that matter, any skinny woman in this business. I just feel like you get left out if you’re not look a certain way in this industry and that’s an awful feeling when working with fashion is all I ever want. Anyway, this comment is not supposed to be a novel, I just wanted to share my thoughts. Keep up the great work, you rock x /Charlotta (

  10. i love it. I have always wondered if the myth of asian men having small cock was true. Answer this bb! :D

  11. Emanuel Iuhas

    I’m very glad by the part with the classmate EMMANUEL… :D Really like your sincerity! :D

  12. Keegan Shoutz

    Thanks for answering my Carrie Bradshaw tweet! Glad you enjoyed. Your response was hilarious

  13. your last Q&A was the best. and honestly, i think lots of people need to realize this. we’ve become too obsessed with immediate gratification, we dont realize that sometimes romance comes in different forms and should be kept that way.

    keep it up bboy! you are such a treasure to the online community! xxx

  14. Awww You’re such a sweetheart and that’s probably why you’re the only celeb I follow on twitter

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