Wishing The Sky Was Blue

Written By bryanboy

I really love my new sky blue suit courtesy of HUGO. I wore it to this afternoon’s HUGO fall/winter 2012 fashion show. Everyone’s wearing black in super rainy Berlin and my outfit is the perfect ‘pick me up’ in this gloomy weather.

Bryanboy's sky blue suit from HUGO by Hugo Boss
Bryanboy at HUGO fashion show Berlin fall winter 2012


  1. Wow..this suit is like a whip of warm resort breeze..in the middle of the harshness of winter. Love it.

  2. You’re right – people tend to wear darker colors with this weather. It’s a really nice change for gloomy, rainy days! Every time I silently read what you have to say on your blog, I can always hear your voice reading it instead, haha!

  3. Ali Abraham

    read your blog for YEAA-AHs dahling… but this suit is one of the few things that has inspired me to comment. first of all, it is a total beauty. second, it perfectly befits your whimsical sartorial attitude without being over the top. over the top is good. but being able to communicate personal style in a swift and elegant blow …FUCKING win. xo

  4. I loved this outfit–the color, the perfect tailoring, how your tie matched the color of your shoes and then…black socks?!? Noooooo!

  5. Love the icecreamish colour! Fashion= standing out in the crowd…


  6. I have been quietly following you for some time now but with this one i can’t pass up ~~ It’s pure awesomeness!! Love your blog, love your love for fashion..

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