Win the HUGO Sequined Jacket!

Written By bryanboy

Remember my amazing black sequined jacket by HUGO? Well, only 250 of these limited-edition HUGO sequined jackets exists and the amazing folks at HUGO BOSS are giving two jackets away. Jacket number 42 was given to me in New York a few weeks ago.


Bryanboy in HUGO sequined jacket with Chloe Sevigny

To win one of the jackets, click HERE. Deadline for entries is Tuesday, January 3, 2011.


  1. Your hair looks so moderne! I love your style! I love your attitude! I love your joie de vivre! You are the greatest thing since sliced bread for real! Best blogger ever! My ultimate fave fashion, style, and uplifting blogger ever!

  2. thank you for sharing that! :D I definitely applied! :P

    you look fab as always!

    + happy NY!



  3. you look so stylish with that sequinned Hugo..alsmost like a clothes line designer 0.0 very nice~ ALL THE BEST FOR 2012 THOUGH ^^ wish you more thrill and fun in all of your fashion invites & press :)

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