I’ve always wanted to go to Vienna but because of my ridiculous schedule, I’ve never really had the opportunity to do so until now. What made this visit even more ridiculous was that I wasted five whole days of our trip in bed because I was sick with flu. I could barely walk and I had the worst fever and sore throat. I didn’t even get to ring the New Year — I was asleep! Talk about a harsh year-ender… it was only until two days before my trip ended that I started to feel better. So, here’s forty eight hours in Vienna, as documented through my lens. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do. Vienna is one motherload of an enormous museum. That’s how beautiful it is. I am astounded how dedicated Austrians are when it comes to art, history and culture. They spend vast amount of resources, from money to city space, to celebrate art in different forms.

Bryanboy in front of Die Macht zu Lande (The Power on Land) fountain by Edmund Hellmer at Michaelertrakt of Hofburg Palace
Fountain Die Macht zu Lande (Power on Land) Fountain by Edmund Hellmer

Sunglasses from Versace, coat from Sonia Rykiel, shirt from Patrik Ervell, sweater from Vanessa Bruno, jeans from BLK DNM by Johan Lindeberg, shoes from Church’s

I’m gonna come back again in March after the womenswear shows in Paris. Set that in stone.

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Vienna subway train car
Pink building
Cafe Leopold Hawelka Vienna cake, coffee and orange juice
Bryanboy at Cafe Hawelka, Wien
Michaelertrakt, Wien
A sculpture by Edmund Hellmer
Bryanboy at Hofburg Palace
Vienna architecture
Vienna street lamp post
Red and gold gates
A horse in Vienna
Naturhistorisches Museum
Bryanboy sitting on top of the elephant sculpture in front of Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna
Outdoor statues outside Naturhistorisches Museum Wien
Colourful plastic installations at MuseumsQuartier Wien
Mumok - Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
MuseumsQuartier Wien elevator
Animal graffiti at MuseumsQuartier Wien
Street poster at MuseumsQuartier Wien
Dog poster at MuseumsQuartier Vienna
Street Art Passage
Abandoned playground at MuseumsQuartier Wien
Fillgrader Stiege Vienna
NeoBaroque architecture
Green earphones

Marilyn Intimacy Vienna
Secession Vienna
Bryanboy sitting on chairs at the park, Vienna
St Charles Church Vienna
Karlskirche Wien
Art at Karlsplatz
Woman and ghost poster, Vienna
Kasino Wien
A building in Vienna
Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Schonbrunn Palace Vienna
Schonbrunn Station Vienna
Bryanboy standing outside Vienna Opera House
Vienna Opera House
Albertina Vienna
Bryanboy sitting outside a store selling pinocchio dolls
Statues and fountains, Vienna
The Crown of Rudolf II also known as The Crown of the Austrian Empire
Coronation regalia, Austria
Fur and gold medals, Austria
Embroidered regalia
Coronation Mantel of Austrian Empire designed by Philipp von Stubenrauch
Coronation Mantel of Austrian Empire embroidered by Johann Fritz
Coronation Robe of the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia designed by Philipp von Stubenrauch
Coronation Robe of the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia
Cradle of the King of Rome - Napoleon II cradle
Bryanboy inside Imperial Treasury of Austria
Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire, Vienna
Embellished sword handle
Reflection of Bryanboy
Austrian gold embroidery
Embroidered mantel
Bryanboy outside the Imperial Treasury Schatzkammer in Vienna
Lunch in Vienna
Bryanboy standing on a fountain, Vienna
Deo Filio Redemptori, Vienna
Stephansplatz, Vienna
Facade of St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna
Stephansdom Wien
Inside St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna
Bryanboy sticking his tongue out while praying at St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna
A scuplture of Jesus inside St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna