The Inner Circle

Written By bryanboy

After a billion hours of flight time, it’s so nice to be reunited with Rumi once again. We’re both here in Florence for the biannual Luisa via Roma Firenze4Ever event. As an added bonus, my beloved man is here with me; what else could be better than a European jaunt with your partner and one of your best friends? After our delicious breakfast at seven in the morning (yes, we are morning people), I must say I’m in heaven!

Rumi Neely and Bryanboy in Florence, Italy
Bryanboy and Rumi in Firenze, Italy
Firenze, Italia Duomo


  1. Tom Ford bowtie? Check. So dandy, BB! You are staying true to your new style, it really is all about suits! Well in that case, if you wear suits, the fash pack will, too! Kaloka. Ikaw na talaga. Love you forever!

  2. Dario Styling

    I simply <3 you in a suit Bryan…the taliroe, skinny fit suits you very well…keep it up!!!

  3. you 2 look fab as always. :D

    your loafers are mega chic- totally italian style meets bryan boy! :D

    enjoy your stay on my continent! :D



  4. Dario Styling

    I simply <3 you in a suit…the tailored, skinny fit does 'suit you very well…keep it up

  5. Beautiful pictures!!!! I love them!! Have a great time! Missing you already :( Wish I had gone, really. But my grandmum has to take priority this time! xx

  6. You look wonderful, Bryanboy! Very dapper! (Although you’re not supposed to button the bottom button in suits or blazers.) I hope the three of you have a great time in Firenze.

  7. I’m so happy for you :) Looove the bow tie, tom ford right ? Can’t wait to see more pictures of you two strolling around florence !!

  8. Bryanboy you are great! You have inspired me to do what I love (fashion), each time you post something. Please never stop. (in Miranda Prisley’s voice)….that’s all! Lol.

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