Shopping And Fitting

Written By bryanboy

One of the things I love about Germany (and Germans!!) is that everything works here like clockwork. People are prompt and efficient. I accomplished so many things earlier today — had lunch with my lovely friend Graeme who’s visiting from London (haven’t seen him since Copenhagen last year), did a bit of shopping (more like window shopping — DUH) at The Corner and Quartier 206. My late afternoon however was spent at a small warehouse-like venue for my HUGO fitting. I had to pick three outfits for HUGO (by Hugo Boss) events later this week. We’ll see what I end up wearing. I’m excited! ;-)

Bryanboy at his HUGO by Hugo Boss fitting in Berlin

Click click click!

Bryanboy's rack of clothes from HUGO by Hugo Boss
Bryanboy's sky blue jacket
Film crew at HUGO fitting in Berlin
Flowers at HUGO Hugo Boss Berlin


  1. David Browne

    OMG WE SHOULD SO DATE!!!! You’re like my ideal guy we should totes meet and shop lift together ;-)

  2. nice colours for the fitting Bryan. it’s totally something different from what I see in men’s shops around :) spring colourss!!!

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