Newly Minted

Written By bryanboy

I bought this cute mint knitted sweater from Acne back in Stockholm right after Christmas Day. Thought I’d wear it out during a leisurely day here in Florence. Rumi and I did quick tour of the shops before meeting my BF for lunch. Rumi, who shopped earlier that afternoon in Celine, felt like she “got hit by a bus” after walking out of the store with cool new acquisitions. Hysterical! I, on the other hand, exited most of the stores empty-handed. I’m holding on to my dime, patiently waiting for the new Prada collection to arrive. Lord help me.

Mint Acne sweater
Bryanboy wearing a mint Acne sweater in Florence
Rumi Neely shopped at Celine with Bryanboy in Florence

Vintage fur hat gifted by Tina @ Bagsnob, shirt from Versace x H&M, sweater, jeans and shoes from Acne, bag gifted by Jason Wu


  1. What camera/objective do you use? Your pictures are always so super good! P.S. Nice Acne sweater! really feeling that shade of mint right now

  2. Fantastic photos, colors and outfits you beautiful people! :-)First time visiting your blog, but definitely not the last! love

  3. WOW, loveee that mint green sweater and the hawaian shirt complements it so well :) You look like you’re having a fabulous time in Florence. I can’t wait to see more picture !

  4. gosh you two. so fancy dancy !! isn’t the Acne knit so cute?? bright baby green :D like the way both of you pose with your sunnies. very cute ^.^

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