I bought this cute mint knitted sweater from Acne back in Stockholm right after Christmas Day. Thought I’d wear it out during a leisurely day here in Florence. Rumi and I did quick tour of the shops before meeting my BF for lunch. Rumi, who shopped earlier that afternoon in Celine, felt like she “got hit by a bus” after walking out of the store with cool new acquisitions. Hysterical! I, on the other hand, exited most of the stores empty-handed. I’m holding on to my dime, patiently waiting for the new Prada collection to arrive. Lord help me.

Mint Acne sweater
Bryanboy wearing a mint Acne sweater in Florence
Rumi Neely shopped at Celine with Bryanboy in Florence

Vintage fur hat gifted by Tina @ Bagsnob, shirt from Versace x H&M, sweater, jeans and shoes from Acne, bag gifted by Jason Wu