Love At First Sight

Written By bryanboy

How are your finances doing? There are tons of amazing sales EVERYWHERE and my wallet is currently going through a beating. Now I know how Rumi felt when she said it feels like being hit by a bus after walking out of a store with her new acquisitions. I fell in love with this stunning Antonio Marras brocade coat (click HERE) when I saw it on the mannequin. I love the rabbit fur collar and the lovely fabric. It’s good. I initially tried to weasel my out of the purchase thinking, well, it’s a coat. Money is best spent on bags and shoes if one wants mileage… but you know what, when it comes to the sales, you have to follow your heart and your desires. Yes, I do need a new designer bag but it’s gonna be cold for a few more months… a gorgeous coat is still reasonable purchase this time of the year.

Bryanboy lying down on a bench in Antonio Marras coat at the Boboli Gardens, Florence
Garden of the Cavalier, Boboli Gardens Florence

Sunglasses by Celine, coat by Antonio Marras, sweater by Prada, shirt by Antonio Laverda, jeans by BLK DNM by Johan Lindeberg, shoes by Louis Leeman.

Click click click!

Annalena Grotto; Adam and Eve by Michelangelo Noccherini at Boboli Gardens, Florence
Bryanboy at Boboli Gardens, Florence Italy
Bryanboy wearing Antonio Marras
Bryanboy lying down on a bench at Boboli Gardens, Firenze
Tindaro Screpolato, Face Statue at Boboli Gardens, Florence
Bryanboy at the Garden of Cavalier, Boboli Gardens Florence
Bryanboy wearing a coat by Antonio Marras
Garden of the Cavalier statue at Boboli Gardens, Florence
View of Florence from Boboli Gardens
View of Tuscany Hills from Boboli Gardens, Florence
Porcelain Museum front yard at the Boboli Gardens, Florence
Rumi Neely and Bryanboy at the Boboli Gardens, Florence
Boboli Gardens Amphitheatre, Florence
Firenze Duomo from Boboli Gardens
Grotta di Buontalenti ceiling, Boboli Gardens Florence


  1. Seems fitting to be wearing such an opulent looking number in the Giardino di Boboli! Fantastic pics – beautiful Florence!

  2. a new name (Antonio Marras), never heard of him before…I know…you must be shocked D= but the coat certainly looks so posh. love the scenery, especially that majestic looking ceiling in the last pic.

  3. Hi Bryan,

    I love your pictures, son muy elegantes. I was wondering, which camera do you use? The quality is amaazing! <3

  4. Rumi – please stop posing with pigeon toes. It ruins the sophistication of your outfit.

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