Written By bryanboy

I like the cocooning effect from my oversized gray Cachentta coat. With all the things going on in my life at the moment, the sheer coziness from a warm coat enveloping me keeps my sanity intact.

Bryanbou in a Cachentta Fall Winter 2011 coat
Bryanboy wearing a gray coat from Cachentta NYC

Sunglasses by Celine, coat from Cachentta, bag gifted by Jason Wu


  1. just voted for your blog as the most original one on bloglovin’s 2012 award nominees! i’m a fellow filipina from stockholm, absolutely love you and your blog. xxx

  2. This looks great on you. It is oversized, yes; but it does not engulf you and make you disappear into a gihugic pile of greige fabric. And I love the punch of yellow temple pieces on the glasses and the blue of the Jason Wu bag.

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