Berlin Photo Diary

Written By bryanboy

As many of you guys know, I’m currently in Berlin. Sincerest apologies for the lack of posts. I’ve spent the past week in front of many cameras other than my own. I think my good ol’ Canon is starting to feel neglected. I must say I’ve had very little free time to wander around the city on my own let alone document new things I saw. One must note however that I’m here on a business trip (by way of Hugo Boss) rather than vacation. A gurl’s gotta do what a gurl’s gotta do. Also, the weather hasn’t been very cooperative. We only had one afternoon’s worth of sunshine, the rest has been dark, cold and rainy.

Oh I cannot resist sharing what happened this morning. At around 8:30AM, I left my hotel room to go downstairs at the lobby for my car pick up. As soon as I entered the elevator, this really tall, blonde lady said “Ahem” out loud. Being the petite Asian person that I am, I looked up and saw the gorgeous Karolina Kurkova! I almost peed my pants and felt quite embarrassed that I didn’t recognize her at first. It was so lovely seeing her again — in the elevator of our hotel of all places. The last time I saw her was in New York before fashion week last season when me and my bf had dinner with her (and her husband and son). I love Karolina. I must say she’s one of the sweetest and nicest people I’ve met in fashion.

Speaking of meeting people, I also had fun at the Hugo Boss dinner the other night. The Editor in Chief of In Style Germany Annette Weber, model Luca Gadjus (who looks so amazing) and Olivia Palermo were my tablemates. After the dinner, Georgia May Jagger, Sky Ferreira who is super cool (my agent was adamant that we unite), Pixie Geldof (I have nothing but pure admiration for her jagermeister-downing skills) and I went out and about Berlin clubs. Don’t ask me where we went because I’m bad with names. Post-clubbing, we went back to Hotel de Rome for a club sandwich and pasta. All I know is that I got back to my hotel at dawn. I feel like twenty one again. Fun times all around.

Danke schön!

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

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Bryanboy at Holocaust Memorial in Berlin
Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas
Berlin Wall covered in chewing gum
Bryanboy and Isaac Hindin-Miller in Berlin
Bahnof Potsdamer Platz Berlin
German flag, in Berlin
Hugo Boss Fall Winter 2012 fashion show VIP chart
Hugo Boss Fall Winter 2012 Fashion Show seating chart
Karlie Kloss at Hugo Boss Fall Winter 2012 fashion show rehearsal
Hugo Bass Fall Winter 2012 Fashion Show model finale rehearsal
Model Wall at Hugo Boss Casting and Fitting
Furry fabric at Modulor Berlin
Tissue boxes at Modulor Berlin
Tomas Leach and crew in front of Planet Modulor Berlin
Bryanboy being filmed inside a cafe in Berlin
Bryanboy being photographed inside a cafe in Berlin
Ingwer tea, ginger tea
Inside Postdamer Platz train station
New shit has come to light
Michelberger Hotel Berlin
No Smoking Sign, Berlin
Voo store Berlin
Graffiti-covered door, Berlin
Berliner Philharmoniker


  1. Ooooh, the two guys to the right of you on the VIP list are certainly dashing! ;) Hope you sat next to them at the show!

  2. Berlin is very close to my heart! I fell in love there…twice…Berlin is my favorite city in Europe. All these pictures are making me melancholy! Thanks for this post Bryan!

  3. Love the photos! And both your jackets..

    That note about not smoking is quite funny! :)

    ~Hannah xx

  4. Such cool pics! Must be nice to see that you are regarded as VIP : ) I have btw a brand new blog-pls check it out-it is in english-love from Denmark! Monica from

  5. Marije Sesink

    i love the ‘please no smoking’! and the pictures are also so beautiful, as always.

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