Awards Season

Written By bryanboy

It’s that time of the year again and it’s an honor being nominated for this year’s Bloglovin’ Awards. Between you and me, I’m personally not a fan of being thrown in a boxing ring to compete with friends and colleagues (there’s no way for me to compete against my beloved Anna Dello Russo who’s also nominated in the same category as me; she’s a sure win!) but I love Bloglovin’.

Bryanboy wearing a donkey mask

Click HERE to vote for me and your favourite bloggers.
Win or lose, congrats to everyone. I love you all!


  1. You are the only true winner in my heart <3 You manage to have the coolest blog whilst still staying true to your real personality and I respect you so much for that ! I'm definately voting for you !

  2. Diane De L'Orpaz

    As much as I adore Anna, You have by farrrrr the best fashion blog. Seriously.

    Diane De L’Orpaz

  3. You have to vote on every category and I don’t know them! I just want to vote on your category but it’s not possible

  4. I Love ur mask and in fact I was looking for exactly the same for a shooting but haven’t been successful yet… Couldn’t u just give me a hint where to get this?

  5. Hi Bryan!!! How are you? I’m the crazy girl you have met on the fourth floor at the Savoy Hotel…i have just voted for you!!! Good luck!!! Kisses Enri Crem’s Blog <3!

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