Y’all Owe Me A Present

Written By bryanboy

I’m not gonna deny — it’s been a wonderful, wonderful festive year. I’ve received lots of heart-stopping tokens and presents. Some of them are material presents but most of the terrific gifts I received the past eleven months are experiences that I’ll forever cherish in my head and my heart.

Bryanboy in Central Park touching leaves

Sadly it’s not the case with a lot of people around the world. Not many people are as lucky as myself (and YOU) for that matter.

In the spirit of the holiday season, I’d like to request that a few minutes of your time and a donate few dollars out of your pockets. I’m sure you’ve overspent this month buying gifts for everyone that you know. But then again, you can always take a small slice from next month’s Starbucks budget and make the world a better place. Be a superhero and check out these charitable institutions I’ve been supporting over the years. Any help is appreciated, whether it’s five dollars or a thousand.

1) Doctors Without Borders [click here]
2) United Nations World Food Program [click here]
3) Kiva [click here]
4) TrickleUp [click here]

Thanks guys and I love you all!


  1. You have a kind heart and that is most important of all! You are beautiful inside and out. Your talent will shine through and through. May you see prices with gazillion zeroes and not flinch. Thank you for everything you do to make my day reading your blog a fun time. 1st class all the way and I am learning so much about everything from you.

  2. yes I believe giving will give you a lot more happiness than most things in life <3 this is a wonderful post. wish you a wonderful Christmas Bryan! looking forward to more of your fancy fashionista looks next year :)

    – Cat.

  3. Agree with the donations for the typhoon victims in the Philippines. Please use your leverage/cache/stature in making a difference in the lives of your own people. Thanks!

  4. I give something, but it is not money. every year on Christmas my mother, a friend and i are helping on a charity event. Poverello in Belgium (an organization who helps the homeless and less blessed people) organizes a day filled with delicious food and gifts for the homeless, people who live in poverty and people who are lonely. the place to be is the business lounge of a premier league soccer team. my job: the dishes! hard work but you get so much back and i love to give these people some warm moments. and they fill my heart with warmth! I am a very materialistic girl and i love to spend money! but sometimes you have to go back to basics, so you can be thankful for the magnificent life you are living.

  5. How about also donating some money to animal shelters? In the end they are the ones suffering the most from the fashion industry.

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