This month’s Tokyo jaunt has got to be the longest time I’ve ever spent in the city that I found myself saying ‘I’m so Tokyo-ed out’ towards the end of the trip. And how can I not be Tokyo-ed out? I maximized my time with meetings, shopping (more like window-shopping because of the sick exchange rates) and of course, culinary indulgences. Tokyo is a city like no other. The energy and the pace here is simply not the same as, say, New York. I love it nonetheless and I look forward to coming back sooner than both you and I think.

Bryanboy in his big bird outfit outside the Prada Tokyo show venue

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Pink vintage cadillac car

Bryanboy wearing a Prada coat sitting on a bench at Hibiya park
Rumi and Bryanboy inside the Peninsula Hotel Tokyo elevator
White dolls from Japan
Hello kitty toys from Japan
Jewella Eyelash photo booth
Candy Black
japanese vegetable salad bar
pig lamp
Face on top of a xerox copy machine
Cubic facade of a building
Bryanboy wearinga python coat from Prada in Shinjuku, Tokyo
Pancakes from Japan
Bryanboy and Rumi in front of a street mirror in Omotesando, Tokyo
Bryanboy and Rumi in Omotesando, Tokyo
RagTag store Tokyo
Rumi Neely wearing Bryanboy's hat in her room at the Cerulean hotel
Santa Claus hat worn by Bryanboy in Tokyo
Edible flowers from a Japanese supermarket
Hello Kitty bus in Shinjuku
A woman buying from a fruit stall, Shinjuku Tokyo
Violin shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo
Diane Pernet at Lumine Ginza
Bryanboy and Diane Pernet's shadows
Diane Pernet having tea with Bryanboy in Tokyo
Light installation at the lobby of the Peninsula hotel Tokyo
Floppy hat worn by Bryanboy
Sequined hat from Prada fall/winter 2011 collection
White hat and white coat on the street
White lights inside a photo booth in Shibuya
Welcome Aboard sticker on the window of a Japanese taxi cab
Japanese comic poster - you dead ass