On The Brink Of Winter

Written By bryanboy

Oh Mr. Weather Man will you please explain why the powers that be is taking its time to bring us to winter wonderland? This year’s descent from autumn to winter is taking far too long. Except for that lone freakshow (or should I saw freak-snow) of an incident in October, I’m surprised it hasn’t snowed in New York… and Christmas is one week away! I need my dose of frosty flakes ASAP.

Bryanboy in Sonia Rykiel fall/winter 2011 in New York

Click click click!

Bryanboy in Central Park wearing a coat from Sonia Rykiel fall/winter 2011
Bryanboy wearing Sonia Rykiel fox fur sleeve coat from autumn winter 2011 collection
Bryanboy in Central Park, New York in December 2011
December Saturday afternoon in Central Park, New York
Bryanboy walking on top of rocks in Central Park

Hat from Cheap Monday, sunglasses from Mykita x Rad Hourani, oversized scarf from Sonia Rykiel, coat from Sonia Rykiel, shoes from Kurt Geiger, sweater from Prada

Photos via Alex O’Neill


  1. all that fur is stunning. i would also love some snow for christmas here in belgium, but it seems like only heavy rain is happening for the rest of the next week. boo. at least awesome christmas lights make up for the lack of frosty flakes.


  2. although i have been one of the very quiet readers of yours for quite a long time…i couldnt help posting: this is one of the coolest entries ever! so artistic, so wonderful, brian!

  3. i would be throwing tantrum and fits if i were snuggling in those lovely fur n beautiful prada sweater…. winter is a bit slow this year isnt it… no snow for xmas in UK either .. instead the gods has blessed us with vile rain and disgusting wind blowing us sideways …..have a good xmas … u look fantastic x x

  4. Mmmm lovely color combination. I can’t believe it hasn’t snowed in New York though! It’s fairly warm over here in terms of ‘SoCal Winter’ in Los Angles but that’s kind of to be expected.Cuh-razy!


  5. haha I TOTALLY agree with you, in Paris it’s borderline WARM and that’s very strange I mean when am I going to wear my big hats and my outrageously warm jackets ?? Well I will ignore the weather forecast and walk the streets as a stylish yeti !

  6. same thing over here! we are coming to nyc and celebrating the holidays in nyc is so much more fun when it snows! but on the bright sight, it looks like you are ready for winter! i think those gorgeous colorful fur Marc Jacobs beanies would completely be the cherrie on the cake! love the tartan versus colorful fur combination! have to try that out! anyway, it would be fabulous to see your nyc adventures, i always love to discover new spots!

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