Meryl Streep for American Vogue January 2012

Written By bryanboy

Iconic actress Meryl Streep is on the cover of the January 2012 issue of American Vogue.

Meryl Streep on the cover of Vogue USA, January 2012 issue

Vogue posted a number of preview images on their website. Click HERE to see those images and to read the article. It’s interesting how Vogue didn’t Vogueify her too much. I thought the pictures looked very natural and remained true to her style.

What a delightful surprise! It’s refreshing to see a very established (and more mature, if I may add) actress on the cover as opposed to the usual up-and-coming starlets.


  1. It is a bit surprising to see Meryl (who I love) on Vogue, considering she’s not really into fashion (as she has stated in some interviews). She looks fab!

  2. hiii! firstly, you’re SOOO my idol. :D i want to be a croatian version of bryanboy! secondly, I’m not freaky just in love with your style! thirdly I love this photo of Meryl, she’s such a beautiful lady! :PP



  3. Geez… especially the cover lacks one thing: character. Meryl Streep is 62 years old, yet her skin on the front cover looks artificially young. No frown lines, hardly any wrinkles. This picture doesn’t represent a true character, but the typical illusion of today’s youthful society. Inject some botox, do a facelift, insert some fillers and use Photoshop for the rest. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have some wrinkles when being over 60 years, it shows that you have aged with grace. The movie “Death becomes her” probably demonstrates best the state of aging actors nowadays, who will try to still be beautiful at any cost. Funny enough, Meryl plays one of the two main characters…

  4. She’s my favorite. Beautiful, succesful woman, with a wisdom and humblesness. She seems to be the nicest person on the world;)
    And this cover is so natural, no excess, just Meryl, it makes me love her even more :)

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  5. Michelle Williams…Charlize Theron and now Meryl Streep…You do a big movie and you’re on the cover of Vogue America? And her cover reminds me of the Charlize Theron one…water, grey…come on…And the whole purpose of being on the cover of Vogue is to be voguefied…and not to look like just a regular person. Boring.

  6. I personally think its great she is on the cover. I actually get bored with seeing the current “it girl” always on the cover…I’d actually prefer a beautiful (not so famous/up-and-coming) model or accomplished actress like Meryl. Love me some Vogue this month.

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  7. Meryl Streep is very deserving of the cover because she is a lady through and through, but I would’ve liked for the cover to have been more colorful, especially since the last two Vogues had a similar color palette.

  8. I completely agree, it is very nice to see that Meryl’s look was not fussed with, amped up or “Voguefied”. I was glossing through and saw her photos, I thought she was perfect. Like other legends, Meryl’s work speaks for her and she makes quite a wake without all the added glam. Something these starlets haven’t got yet.

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