Graduation Day

Written By bryanboy

Feels like graduation day with my new favourite things. A touch of velvet never hurt anyone.

Giorgio Armani for Bryanboy shirt, Tom Ford bow tie, Kurt Geiger shoes

Giorgio Armani for Bryanboy white button-down shirt, velvet bow tie from Tom Ford, velvet shoes from Kurt Geiger


  1. I’ve never really loved velvet, for fear of overdoing it, but this is a really good and unique way to incorporate it into a look. Love it!

  2. I am pretty sure I saw you in Stockholm today, you where wearing silver pants and you where walking past fairly fast with a couple of bags, sadly….I was to shocked to say anything. Regretting it deeply now…. I don’t if you saw me, was jumping up and down with huge eyes, wearing a fake fur jacket and a what almost looks like a red Miu Miu collar, but isn’t. You looked great :) You really inspire me and I just want to say that you are just cool as fuck. Keep it going.
    That was all!

  3. The color scheme is beautiful and sensual. But you know, velvet appears only in graduation outfits for professional and graduate school, not undergrad. Professors wear velvet for graduation too.

  4. I looove suede !! I just got a very similar bow tie at american apparel and it looks great with a preppy look ! I can’t wait to see you wear it :)

  5. I am surprised that you didn’t plug Dolce and Gabbana menswear…There’s plenty of velvet this season.
    Warning : please don’t add any sequins or furs to the mix ! Thanks handsome.
    Laurent Xx

  6. the mix of colours is sooo classy, rich, and posh. should I say “romantic”?? erhh..but those Kurt Geiger shoes are soooo my favourite (if I have to pick). The colour is just super !! Love velvet~

  7. The Velevt Bow tie is a classical way to start the day or arrive to an event. Tom Ford is the greatest Label to find those quality pieces, Agree?

    I’d wear this at my high school gradution.. I might even make me one !

    Awesome post :)

  8. I am loving the Tom Ford bowtie and I have to admit, I’ve never seen a pair of velvet loafers and they’re gorgeous! I know you’re going to look fabulous at your graduation. Congrats!

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