Don’t Even Try To Empress Me

Written By bryanboy

Chukling aside, the first thing my gurl Rumi asked me after she opened the door was: “is that your Empress outfit? You look very… regal!” I don’t blame her for saying that. I think this is the first time I wore a white look. My friend Mirco gave me this coat in Milan a few months back. I’m so glad I brought it with me because it’s so cold here in Tokyo, it’s not even funny. I know I’m gonna get mileage out of it in the months to come. Real winter (the snowy kind) hasn’t even started yet!

Japanese telephone booth
Bryanboy walking out of Hibiya station in Tokyo

Hat by Adrienne Landau, coat gifted by Mirco Giovannini, socks and shoes by Prada.

Click click click!

Bryanboy inside Hibiya station in Tokyo
Bryanboy and Rumi Neely in Tokyo underground
Bryanboy standing outside Peninsula hotel, Tokyo
Bryanboy in Chiyoda, Tokyo
Bryanboy in a Mirco Giovannini coat
Bryanboy wearing an Adrienne Landau fox fur hat in Tokyo


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