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Written By bryanboy

Quick update from the beauty side… my obsession with Japanese skincare brand SK-II reached new heights. I went from treating myself to their famous masks (click here) and now I’m using the whole skincare line after stockpiling them in Japan!

Bryanboy's favourite beauty products. Shot at the Hudson Hotel, New York

I must say I’m very allergic to pesky and aggressive fragrance sales people but you know what, I had a very pleasant experience yesterday at Barney’s. I popped by the store yesterday afternoon in between meetings to pick up a bottle of Un Bois Vanille (my favourite from Serge Lutens). I had a few minutes to spare so I asked one of the guys for another recommendation. A few spritzing and whiffing happened and voila, I ended up buying a bottle of Datura Noir as well. It’s really, really, REALLY good. Trust.


  1. Hmm, I must try the mask out for myself as well! :) I also use the SKII Essence and it definitely makes the face glow!

  2. sk ll! goodness. between sk ll regime and becoming a vegetarian(or cutting out dairy and meat, fish) you are never going to age my dear! xo, annette

  3. Bryan – please please be careful using Hydroxycut. I used it and it led to severe heart palpations. I understand wanting to stay in shape. Do NOT use this poison pill!

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