A Tight-Knit Affair

Written By bryanboy

Global warming is seriously fucking up my wardrobe options. Bad enough that we had to endure that miserable, disgusting Indian of a summer in Paris during the womenswear collections (three words: Espace Ephemere Tuileries) and now good ol’ Mama Nature is messing around with what was meant to be my winter vacay. This time last year, most of Europe was knee-deep in snow and I was mincing around the streets of Stockholm in my Dior moon boots. It’s different this year. The thermometer hovered around 8 degrees celsius this afternoon and I had no choice but to take my suede Church’s boots out for a spin along with my warm beanie and gloves I bought from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago. Autumn dressing right at the tail end of December. So wrong… but so cozy and perfect.

Bryanboy sitting on wooden stairs in Skansen

Beanie and gloves from Urban Outfitters, shirt from Uniqlo, sweater from Zara, jeans from BLK DNM by Johan Lindeberg, shoes from Church’s, bag from Chanel, sunglasses from Miu Miu.

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Zara knitted sweater
Urban Outfitters gloves
Knitted beanie hat
Bryanboy and his Chanel denim bag
Bryanboy as humpty dumpty
Bryanboy sitting on a wooden bench in Skansen


  1. Your clothes always look so fresh and pristine. Do you press them or steam? I like your fashion style and sense. Wow, I’m learning so much about fashion and what we can all do to make this a better fashion world! Thanks BB!

  2. this is probably very ridiculous to say but your outfit pictures are getting better and better! actually they are more and more perfect! i have always loved your creative outfits (they are a bigger inspiration to me than to my beau) but you are getting more and more creative when it comes to settings and lightning! stunning! but i have always knew that Scandinavian light is just perfect

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