I’m so glad we didn’t have a purchase limit at the Versace x H&M launch two nights ago. I bought so many things from the collection and I’m happy! I remember we were only allowed to buy six items from the Lanvin x H&M launch.

Bryanboy's Versace x H&M collection
Bryanboy's Versace x H&M collection inside the closet
Versace x H&M collection paper bags

Some of the things I picked up from the pop-up store were: two short-sleeve men’s t-shirts, a long-sleeve men’s tropical print roundneck top, tropical print button-down shirt, women’s cropped bomber jacket, men’s varsity jacket, men’s studded shorts, women’s printed pant, men’s alligator printed pant, men’s black and white optical print pant, men’s optical print shirt, men’s pink shirt, men’s pink trouser, belt, a pair of men’s shoes and two necklaces.

I’m gonna try to wear them as much as I can before they hit the stores in a week’s time. I like the idea of wearing things not worn by everyone else. Once they hit the shelves, mama mia, it’s time for me to move on.

Viva Versace!