Totally Tom Bull

Written By bryanboy

My friend Isaac who I haven’t seen in a long time invited me to an early dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown. Little did I know he brought Tom, a male model from Australia, with him. It wasn’t an easy feat managing my eating habits in the presence of a hot guy. You see, I try to avoid eating in front of good-looking people but this time around, I think I did good. Perhaps it’s because Tom is nice (and Australian. I love Australian people!!) and of course, I love Isaac’s sense of humor so they made it easy for me.

Tom Bull model
Tom Bull and Bryanboy

Oh, Tom ordered a plate of pork and I flat out refused it when he offered me a slice. It’s funny how in my previous life I’d be the first one to order not one but maybe two plates of pork but this gurl is trying to be healthy. My diet coach is gonna be proud.


  1. Wow what a hottie !! Congrats on your self control, I’m also trying to lose weight because I’d like to be skinnier but hey, it’s hard ! So forget about pork and eat you salad ;)

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