The Polka Dot Situation

Written By bryanboy

As part of my effort to improve my health (and more importantly, to downsize my figure), I’ve decided to embark on a vegan/vegetarian diet. It’s very easy to do this in health-conscious Los Angeles where tons of vegan cafes thrive and flourish. Rumi brought me to one of her favourite places, Cru, for lunch. I had a small cup of soup and zucchini “spaghetti”, which, I must say, for no more than 100 calories for the entire bowl, is quite filling. I couldn’t help but update my vegan friends in New York with my progress. They’re very proud of me. I think I’d be proud of myself though once I become lean and fit into sample sizes once again. Haha! ;-)

Bryanboy standing in front of a graffiti wall in Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Hat, cardigan, necklace and bag gifted by Marc Jacobs, sunglasses from Prada, pleather vest from Karl Lagerfeld x Macy’s collaboration, belt borrowed from Rumi Neely, custom-tailored shirt and shorts, shoes from Kurt Geiger.

Click click click!

Graffiti wall in Los Angeles
Bryanboy wearing Marc Jacobs on Melrose Ave
Bryanboy wearing Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2011 polka dot look
Bryanboy walking on Melrose Ave wearing Marc Jacobs
Bryanboy outside the Chloe store in Los Angeles, California
Rumi Neely at Cru cafe
A vegan soup from Cru cafe, Silver Lake
Bryanboy sipping a smoothie at Cru Cafe
Cru Cafe, Los Angeles
Blow My Mind
Mandarin orange tree in Los Angeles
A signage from the Oscar de la Renta store in Los Angeles


  1. Wow you’re vegan now ?? Never thought you would be but hey why not ? I’m thinking about it too but I don’t know if my mom would let me haha and besides since I’m still in high school, the cafeteria doesn’t offer much vegan options. I guess when I’ll live on my own I’ll give it a try ! I actually don’t like meat that much but some things would be really hard to give up like eggs and milk ! Let us know how you feel about your new diet, I’m curious to know. Anyway, if it makes you feel better in your skin then go for it !

  2. great outfit!! and congratulations on becoming vegan. it’s the best thing for your body and your skin. not to mention your health. watch the doc. ‘forks over knives’ you’ll get the science behind it. plant-based diets will keep your gorgeous skin clean and youthful forever my dear!!! xo, am

  3. hey bryan! it´s same situation here, but i just have to stop eat tons of chocolate and crisps! i like your look, it´s so cute! regards, katie

  4. “As part of my effort to improve my health (and more importantly, to downsize my figure)” Getting thin is more important than health? As someone who maintains influence in the blogosphere, I would hope you would seriously consider the message you’re sending out to your readers with that comment. I am a vegan and animal activist and the reason to go vegan should be to try and attain optimal health and minimize suffering, NOT lose weight.

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