The Dream Downtown

Written By bryanboy

The Dream Downtown Hotel New York South Tower
Bryanboy at the Dream Downtown Hotel New York City
Bryanboy at the balcony of Dream Downtown Hotel New York

A few comments about the new-ish Dream Hotel Downtown in New York:

1) Great boutique hotel.
2) Terrific continental breakfast. I’m not a big fan of bread or carbs but the pastries here are DIVINE.
3) Do not get a room on the 2nd floor of one of the North Tower. Avoid at all costs unless you’re a night owl. Rooms are directly above one of the clubs and the noise level is INSANE.
4) The bathrooms are spacious but the sinks are VERY poorly-designed. I had to wash my face using the shower and brushed my teeth/spit in the toilet bowl.
5. Room service food is awesome.


  1. Yikes in the toilet ??? That’s pretty gross, sorry ! But yeah I think Karen Blanchard posted some pictures od the room so I guess I’ll go and see hers :)

  2. ah one of the chatwal family! so strange i saw a lot of bloggers in the dream down town for Versace H&M ;))))! I love the chatwal hotel, it is like an upper east side boutique hotel in TS area! so it is not as hip as the dream downtown but i am not a huge fan of uber hip boutique hotels because of the the noise, as you said! saw the distinctive design! maybe we will have drinks there the next time we are in nyc!

  3. I enjoyed my stay there but yes, the sink was ridiculous! Luckily we got one of the higher up rooms so didn’t have to worry about the noise level. The pics are great!

  4. I love the style of this hotel. It look so very intriguing and just too bad for the cons. The photos were just greatly done.

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