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Behold the most comfortable garment I own in my whole life.

While Rumi looked for kitchen knives at Target the other day, I raided the boy’s section for possible clothing and prop options. It’s my second time at Target and I’ve always been curious about their fashion offerings. Plushy pyjamas aside, I found this hysterical sleepsuit for $12.99. I’ve seen people in America walk the streets in their precious velour tracksuits, so I thought, why not take it to the extreme and prance around the streets of Los Angeles in my super comfy sleepsuit?

Bryanboy wearing a printed sleepsuit

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Bryanboy wearing a sleepsuit from Target
Adult sleepsuit
Printed sleepsuit size XL
Los Feliz Newstand
Bryanboy wearing a sleepsuit in West Hollywood, Los Angeles
Bryanboy in West Hollywood, Los Angeles
Bryanboy adjusting his vintage fur hat
Bryanboy's vintage fox fur hat

Photos via Rumi Neely


  1. FIrst Louis Vuitton pajamas, now Target Sleepsuits. You are one step ahead of the fashion mob. And the hat is just the perfect topper!

  2. OMG, I love your risk-taking attitude! And it’s so you; on others I can imagine it might take on a very different flavor.

  3. Haha! I have leopard-print footie pj’s form Target as well, and last week I jokingly made a comment that I should wear them out. I love that you actually did! You worked those pj’s!

  4. Darius Burnette

    My gosh bbryan you are so outrageous with this look which is fun! I never looked in target for items but looks like I will be finding so things from there very soon. Rumi always knows how to work the camera!


  5. hey bryan!! your outfit choices are insane and I love that you take unsurmountable amount of RISK :) LOVE IT! I have been a follower for years and you have definitely been a staple throughout!!! Please do check out my blog! thanks for the constant inspiration

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