Reed Krakoff Flagship Tokyo

Written By bryanboy

If you’re bound for Tokyo one of these days, you MUST visit Reed Krakoff flagship store in Aoyama. It’s H-U-G-E! I’m surprised by the amount of space the store occupied. I’m also surprised when I found out that it’s the brand’s first standalone store — they opened in Tokyo first before New York. Anyhoo, they have a rather generous selection of chic handbags in various colours and materials. My personal favourite? The black Boxer bag in ponyskin but alas, the price tag was a bit outside my range so I settled for my Kit bag.

Bryanboy his agent from CAA entering the Reed Krakoff Aoyama store in Tokyo

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Reed Krakoff Boxer bag in black pony skin
Bryanboy and CAA agent looking at Reed Krakoff jackets
Bryanboy looking at Reed Krakoff leather goods
Bryanboy being filmed inside the Reed Krakoff store
Reed Krakoff Boxer bag in snakeskin and pony skin
Reed Krakoff tote bag
Bryanboy with Reed Krakoff Japan PR
Reed Krakoff t-shirts
Bryanboy holding a Reed Krakoff 510 Tote I
Bryanboy touching a Reed Krakoff sweater
Bryanboy trying on a Reed Krakoff Boxer tote bag
Bryanboy looking at a Reed Krakoff coat
Bryanboy exiting the Reed Krakoff Tokyo flagship store
Bryanboy and his agent leaving the Reed Krakoff store
Reed Krakoff store logo

Photos via Wataru Fukaya and Josh Madson


  1. Mariko Iwai

    I have a boxer tote in RED which is from Lane Crawford! I want to get its clothing someday…

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