Pink Phenomenon

Written By bryanboy

Sometimes I wish I was one of those minimalist people who look so effortless and chic in spite of limiting their wardrobe choices to a strict black and white palette. But you know me… give me prints, colour, skins, fur, textures and shiny things any time of the day. I know I’d feel naked and completely out of place if you send me out the door wearing nothing but a white button-down shirt, khakis and black converse sneakers. This whole “trying to look effortless” is simply not my thing. However, I must say I want to do it for the sake of trying things out. Afterall, fashion is all about playing with clothes and trying out looks for yourself. If it works, it works. I’m not gonna rob myself the joy of playing with clothes but sometimes, oh yes, sometimes, I can’t help but feel that this whole “trying to look effortless” thing is doing my head in. It’s like trying to put toothpaste back in a tube.

Bryanboy in a pink shirt and pink trousers by Versace x H&M
Bryanboy in Los Angeles wearing a pink outfit from Versace x H&M

Sunglasses by Prada, backpack from Flight001, shirt and trousers by Versace x H&M, sneakers gifted by Versace


  1. I am so glad you are making such an A+ effort!! People like you make the world a prettier place. Effortless is highly overrated I think….

  2. aah you look adorable!! love this outfit BB!! :) well done on the effortlessness hehe ;) B x (

  3. One of my favorite color combos! And I applaud you for rocking it in fall!

    <3 Michaela

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